• Added
    Doing the right work is not enough for us. Our commitment is to supply our clients with the best available solution adding the maximum value to our work.
  • Technology
    We live in a continuously growing world. Our engineers are always searching through our R&D program the best technical solutions and tools to cope with our clients' needs.
  • Long Term
    When we build a relationship with a customer, we always look for a long term interaction not considering the sizes of the projects/services to be delivered.
  • Knowing
    our people
    We are an engineering company. Our main assets are our people. Our company will always do its best to keep our staff fully motivated and to consider the human role of work in everybody's life.
  • Flexible
    We do not sell canned packages - we deliver solutions. We consider each customer unique. Our flexibility allows us to provide our customers with highly efficient and quick support.
We know how...
Our company has an important knowledge in industrial automation & IT systems development and integration, from field sensors up to company level information systems.



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Visit us at booth #S118 with the latest manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems at ProMat 2019.
The Annual Crane Symposium of AIST will be held on the Omni Williams Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA; USA, from 10 to 12, June, 2018.
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