About Us

Janus Automation main goal is to provide the best combination of Process and Technology Know How applied to Industrial Automation.

Our company was founded by a group of Automation and IT professionals with an unique combination of technical and managerial experience sharing the same principles of total customer focus and long term relationship with our customers.

Our Goals

Our working experience throughout the years has led us to establish and continuously improve our company culture reaching all our employees making them the key of our success in helping our customer to be successful in their business by optimize their processes. Our main pillars are:

  • Provide high value-added solutions
  • Offer constant technological innovation
  • Put long-term solutions into practice
  • Know our people and provide the best working environment
  • Facilitate critical decision making by means of a flexible structure

Added Value

At Janus Automation we believe we should not only do our job well, but also provide our customers with an added value, supporting them on all possible ways on the projects and services where we are involved, building a bond of trust that will last through time.

Technological Innovation

As a company, we are constantly aiming at providing and applying the latest technology in our projects and services. Current updating provides continuous improvements and leads to efficiency.

Our Vision

To go beyond, to transmit our views to customers and to apply all our expertise into their projects. This generates a bond of trust and that is what will prevail.

Getting to know Our People

At Janus Automation it is clear that our most important asset is knowledge and this is enhanced through our people. Getting to know them, spotting their virtues, not only technical but also human, facilitates an easy flow of communication with our customers.

Flexible Structure

At present, processes are more dynamic and agitated, due to which, constant changes and adjustments are required. Quick decision making requires a company structure that allows flexibility and that is Janus Automation´s goal.

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