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Our company has great expertise in the developing of engineering, automation and IT projects in the Iron & Steel market from Ore/Carbon stockyards up to final processing lines. We have experience in the flat, long and pipe industries.

Janus Automation technical staff is experienced enough to carry out all the steps related to the automation processes of this industrial area:

  • Basic and detailed Engineering, design plans
  • PLC programming, DCS, Drives and field equipment
  • Supervision and Process Control - HMI
  • Process Tracking and Optimization
  • Intranet Information Management

At Janus Automation we offer value-added solutions adapted to our customers´ demands, always with an up-to-date stand point.

Basic and Detailed Engineering

We provide basic and detailed engineering: defining electrical enclosures, estimating wiring, defining signals, instrument networks, designing engineering drawings, terminal connection drawings, electrical equipment and wiring.

Programming & Control

Janus Automation is not commercially linked to any equipment company. Therefore, we provide programming services of numerous PLC´s, field equipments, with their various communication protocols and programming languages.

Monitoring Systems

Processes require supervision and control schedules to facilitate operation. HMI, depending on the plant, may be implemented with various commercial SCADAs and our staff is ready to work on the set up, programming, maintenance and training of these systems.

Process Optimization

When a plant is already working, processes need to be monitored, adjusted and optimized to be more accurate, cost-effective and to improve production. That is why, we implement tracking systems and process improvement tools, as required by customers.

Management Systems

The data and information produced by the control systems must be shown efficiently, so as to be used by upper-level management to take the right decisions. Intranet management systems developed by Janus Automation cater for this industry´s needs.

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