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Manufacturing Management has always been trying to achieve the maximum efficiency in any production chain. Independently of the used methodology (TQM, SIX, SIGMA, TOC, KAMBA, etc.), having the right data at the right time is one of the key factors for decision making strategies in this type of market. It is particularly important to present all information related to the production process in very clear an conceptual way as in many cases Local Optimization is opposite to Global Optimization. The key to develop a useful an integrated view of the complete process is having a strong and reliable data acquisition, data visualization and data analysis system which is fed from all sectors of the plant.

Janus Automation approached this type of applications in different sectors of the Manufacturing Industry and thanks to our Know How, we are able to offer the following types of solutions and tools:

  • Supervision: SCADA, servers, HMI, open communications, interfaces to different existing systems
  • Commands: Storage of actions, events and alarms for future analysis and audits.
  • Alarm Systems: Process alarm status and visualization.
  • Historical records’ storage of variables and alarms.
  • Models: Dynamic information processing and optimization models implementation. Process models provide a dynamic processing of the system´s variable acquisition, calculating and generating setpoints to keep the industrial process within the objective zone, optimizing and improving productivity and quality and reducing the amount of human intervention for process control.
  • Vision System: In the manufacturing markets, several quality control and inspection tools can be developed using Artificial Vision System using the latest state of the art technology in Artificial Intelligence detection algorithms. Janus has a dedicated department to Artificial Intelligence applications using Vision Systems and advanced algorithms to solve different types of issues during the production process, especially in the manufacturing market.
  • Connectivity to Level 3: Integration of plant data acquisition systems with existing MRPs for company integration.

Monitoring Systems

Industrial process optimization and variable manipulation is not possible without a robust and safe platform for basic information acquisition. This is why we rely our work on SCADA systems with multiple servers for customers who need the real variables of the plant, tag configuration, management of various communication protocols.

Integration with existing systems

To achieve overall process optimization it is necessary to integrate the different systems that coexist in the company: expert systems, MES, management of operations practices, external systems, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI department is able to cope to special needs from our clients. Our systems include solutions such as: Artificial Vision System (stand-alone and integrated), advances algorithm process control systems, probabilistic controlling agents and complete AI systems (including sensors, CPU and control systems).

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