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The Oil & Gas market constantly requires an strategic partner to support systems development for data acquistion and analysis which is then used for decision making strategies. Janus Automation is able to cope with this type of partnership offering our clients the following services:

  • Design and maintenance of Remote Measurement Systems.
  • RTU programming and maintenance.
  • HMI/Scada Systems development and integration (new or existing).
  • Information Data Processing and Events & Alarms Notification Systems.
  • Intranet Reporting Systems and Data Warehousing.
  • Predictive and optimization models.

Janus Automation offers implementation options that adapt themselves to our customers’ demands, always applying an updated technological vision.

Remote Measurement Systems

Janus Automation has expertise in the engineering, definition and installation of remote measurement systems. In order to fulfill this, real knowledge of the norms and technical know-how on data transfer networks is required.

Data Transfer and networks

This type of market is geographically distributed along a large area, which means that any system to be considered is to be made of individual acquisition “boxes” which will then send and integrate all information into a central Database or System. As mentioned before, we are able to develop highly distributed systems but at the same time, centralized database handling and analysis tools.

General network architecture for data transfer is the key to gather information and to be able to control production, transport and shipping processes. The quality of information is directly related to the quality of transfer links, which are designed by highly-trained staff.

Processing and data publishing

Our staff installs programs and trains on SCADA systems that gather information. Therefore, our technical team has significant experience in communication protocols with field devices and also in administration and data base management.

Management Systems

Janus also clearly understands the significant importance that correct and valid measurements (acquisition and analysis) have at transfer points and at treatment plants along distribution networks.

Information management is vital to take decisions. Janus Automation develops customized systems to minimize our customer´s relevant data processing time and therefore allowing efficient supervision at all stages of the process.

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