Industrial Automation Projects

Janus is able to cope with any size of Industrial Automation Project, from a simple Web applicaton to a complete plant industrial system.

Industrial IT

Janus has an important experience in developing IT networks related to industrial data (Process, Quality and Production). Thanks to our significant experience in different types of hardware, we are able to communicate to almost all types of Level 1 and Level 2 systems to get the required data.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI department is able to cope to special needs from our clients. Our systems include solutions such as: Artificial Vision System (stand-alone and integrated), advances algorithm process control systems, probabilistic controlling agents and complete AI systems (including sensors, CPU and control systems).

Mold Caster

The evolution for mold level measurement for continuous casting machines. Acting as a stand-alone system, that can be connected directly to the scintillator, it calculates an analogic/digital mold steel level. With its ethernet interface the Mold Caster supplies a lot of additional information very useful for maintenance and operation personnel at the Continuous Casting Premises.
For more information: http://www.inamtech.com/our_products.html

Symeo Distance measurement

We have an important experience in mounting and dealing with RF measuring systems which will avoid the usual problems of laser measurement systems.
For more information: http://www.timkantech.com


Janus Automation’s management former experience and JA’s current experience has allowed JA to develop and optimize a series of Automation & IT products which act as a base for almost all projects developed and commissioned by Janus Automation.
JA’s product line is called Rodeo© and is made of the following main modules:
     • Rodeo plantView: This is the Scada module of Rodeo.
     • Rodeo intraView: This is the data management module of Rodeo.
Rodeo© has allowed Janus Automation to substantially decrease developing times and at the same increase functionality and customer satisfaction.

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